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Why Consider Sola Tornado Insurance for Your Home

Even with traditional homeowners insurance, tornadoes can leave you financially vulnerable. Here’s why Sola tornado insurance can be a wise addition to your coverage:

Faster Payouts: Traditional claims can take weeks or even months to settle. Sola’s parametric insurance uses National Weather Service data to trigger payouts within days, expediting access to funds for immediate needs.

Gap Coverage: Sola helps bridge the gap between your main insurance coverage and out-of-pocket expenses. This can include deductibles, temporary living expenses, or other costs not covered by your homeowners policy.

Peace of Mind: Tornadoes are unpredictable, and the aftermath can be overwhelming. Sola’s streamlined process and fast payouts can provide financial security during a stressful time.

For added peace of mind at an affordable price, consider Sola tornado insurance. At only $88 per year, it can safeguard your finances and expedite recovery after a devastating tornado. Proudly the only agency in our area currently offering Sola, contact Garlesky Insurance Agency currently to get a quote. Amanda Gard, one of the top agents in the country offering Sola, will be able to answer any questions and get you started right away.

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