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If you own a pet, getting pet insurance is worth considering. Like humans, pets are vulnerable to various illnesses, injuries and medical expenses, and having pet insurance can financially protect you from these unexpected incidents. Choosing the right insurance policy can be complex. Our agency can help you learn more about potential insurance coverage to help you select the right policy for you and your pets.

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      What Pet Insurance Covers

      Insurance policies vary among pet owners. However, standard coverage tends to include:

      • Lab work
      • Prescriptions
      • X-rays
      • Surgeries, including spay/neuter
      • Hospitalization
      • Dental work

      It’s essential to note that pet insurance is voluntary coverage, meaning you decide whether you want to pay for a policy. Pet insurance typically does not cover standard check-ups or routine visits to the vet. To learn more about your coverage options, be sure to contact our agency. For more information on what Pet Insurance covers, please click the link below.

      What does Pet Insurance Cover?

      How to Get Pet Insurance

      Click on the button at the top of this page to get an Instant Pet Insurance Quote. You can sign up directly through that link and save 5% on your premium today.

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